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Einarc v2.0 released

After long 3-year development effort, we’re pleased to announce new major version of Einarc – v2.0.

Einarc is a unified frontend to manage all the storage/RAID devices attached to a Linux system, including proprietary ones. New version sports lots of improvements:

New features

  • Dedicated hotspare support (“hotspare add”, “hotspare delete” methods)
  • Getting physical disc SMART attributes in unified form (“physical smart”)
  • Adapter restart method to reset an adapter, stop all arrays and reinitialize them (“adapter restart”)
  • Listing logical discs now also shows their /dev entries, if possible
  • Getting WWN and enclosure ID for physical drives (attributes “wwn” and “enclosure” for “physical” object, software only)
  • Getting adapter’s expanders ID and model (method “expanders” for “adapter” object)
  • Log dumping support (“log dump”, for lsi_megacli only)
  • Enabling/disabling WriteCache support for logical and physical discs (“writecache” attribute for “physical” and “logical” object, software only)
  • Disabling powersaving support for logical and physical discs (“powersaving” attribute for “physical” and “logical” object, software only)
  • BBU support (arcconf)

Support for new adapters / chipsets, improved RAID autodetection

  • Adaptec 2405, Adaptec 51645, Adaptec 5405Z, Adaptec 5445Z, Adaptec 5805Z, Adaptec 6405, Adaptec 6805, Adaptec 6805Q
  • Intel RS2BL040, Intel RS2BL080, Intel RS2WC040
  • LSI 53C896/897-based, LSI MegaRAID SAS 9240-4i, LSI MegaRAID SAS 9260, LSI SRCSASLS4I
  • SuperMicro SMC2108

User friendliness

  • command line interface now hints what objects are available
  • most objects and methods can be abbreviated akin to UNIX commands (i.e. “physical list” => “pd ls”, “logical hotspare delete” => “ld hs rm”, etc)
  • adapter type and number specification can be omitted if there’s only one adapter in the system
  • more user-friendly error messages
  • output is “humanized” by default if we use real tty for output
  • added man pages: einarc(8), einarc-install(8), raid-wizard-clear(8), raid-wizard-passthrough(8), raid-wizard-optimal(8)
  • prevent lsi_megacli from littering its log files around by default

Bumped versions of proprietary CLI utilities

  • Areca 1.9.0_120503
  • LSI MegaRC 1.11
  • LSI MegaCLI 8.07.07
  • 3Ware
  • ArcConf 1.1.20324

Compatibility issues

  • Ruby 1.9 compatibility, 1.8 should be still supported
  • dash compatibility, bash is no longer required
  • Workarounds for proprietary CLI calls that require Linux kernel 2.6.x explicitly to work on kernel 3.x
  • Support for more than 26 logical discs (i.e. names like “sdaa” beyond “sda”-“sdz”)
  • Dropped HAL support: querying now uses udev, procfs and sysfs
  • Explicitly disallowed software-RAID-on-top-of-hardware-RAID, added switch to disallow software-RAID-on-USB-mass-storage

Infrastructure and API changes

  • Added testing framework using mock-up adapters CLI output, added tests for lsi_megacli and lsi_megarc
  • All output is done to `@outstream` by default (which can be overridden), not `$stdout`
  • Subversion -> Git transition, Git maintenance support
  • Multiple bugfixes and minor improvements

Download @ GitHub | Download @ SourceForge


Moving code to GitHub

All repositories are converted from Subversion to Git and moved to GitHub.

After a long discussion, finally, Inquisitor project is ready to present new structure for its multiple repositories. All code base, documentation and web site were converted from Subversion to Git and are available at GitHub now:

We invite you to check them out and feel free to use new opportunities provided by GitHub, such as pull requests.


Inquisitor participates in Debian Census

Inquisitor project made an entry in Debian Census initiative.

The Debian derivatives census is an attempt to gather information about Debian derivatives that is useful to Debian, for integration of that information into Debian infrastructure and for the development of relationships between Debian and our derivatives.

For more information, see official Debian derivatives census announce.

Inquisitor’s entry


Project infrastructure upgraded

We’ve made a couple of adjustments that would benefit the project in long term.

  • Official Inquisitor forums (gated with mailing lists) using Nabble embedded forum service should make it easier for some users to communicate.
  • Updated contact form with captcha.

Inquisitor v3.1-beta2 released

We’re pleased to announce the second beta release of Inquisitor v3.1 Live CD. This is experimental build made with Debian package base.

This is a bugfix release that fixes numerous bugs, stability and usability issues in previous alpha and beta releases.

We welcome all users who want to get the latest Inquisitor build to download it and try. Platform v3.1 really looks and acts better than dated v3.0 in many cases.

Download now!


Einarc v1.4rc released

Release candidate of a new version of Einarc, a subproject of Inquisitor that provides unified interface to all proprietary RAID (storage) controllers, announced today.

Focus points that would be fully represented in final release:

  • Support for post-build reconfiguration of proprietary CLIs and supporting modules. This allows Einarc to be supplied via usual binary packaging methods (rpm/deb): proprietary CLIs can be installed after binary package installation using special setup tool “einarc-install”.
  • Experimental support for hardware RAID autodetection in both build-time (configure) and run-time (einarc-install).
  • Many stability fixes and bug fixes.

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Inquisitor takes 3rd prize at Trophées du Libre

Inquisitor project took part in an international free/open source software contest Les Trophées du Libre. The final results were just announced: Inquisitor took 3rd prize in “Security & System administration” category.

Les Trophées du Libre is an international free/open source software contest. Candidates submitted their projects for a contest in January. 3 projects in every category were selected by the jury as a finalists in April. Project members were invited to visit Soissons, France, where the final stage of contest took place.

Here, at the IUT de l’Aisne Cuffies, every project made a presentation for the jury, answered the questions and made a demonstration.

Les Trophées du Libre has drawn considerable media and public attention. Both local/regional and international newspapers, magazines and TV channels gave coverage of the event.

Les Trophées du Libre contest


RootConf'2009 Inquisitor talk video

RootConf’2009 committee published full video version of talks that were held at the conference. If you’ve missed original video feed, you can take a look at Andrew’s talk now.

Streaming video


Inquisitor takes part in RootConf'2009 conference

Andrew Sapronov of Inquisitor team gave talk on Inquisitor usage in datacenter maintenance at RootConf’2009.

RootConf’2009 is a professional conference of system administrators held in Moscow, Russia in April 13-14th, 2009.

Andrew’s talk discusses possibilities of using Inquisitor in the datacenter for managing life cycle of a computer equipment and possible interactions / integrations of Inquisitor with other systems for datacenter management, such as support center ticketing system, billing databases, monitoring, virtualization management systems, etc.

Thesis and presentations are available online.

Thesis | Presentation


First alpha version of Inquisitor v3.1 released

We’re pleased to announce first public alpha release on brand new Inquisitor v3.1 Live CD. This is experimental build made with Debian package base.

Overview of new features in this Live CD build over 3.0 platform release:

  • Lots of improvements in Live CD: profiles at Live CD are also XML-based now, so they can be easily replaced/interchanged. Profiles can include each other. Live CD interface received major facelift to allow more control over testing process (including, for example, infinite testing).
  • Throughout support for new client platform: Debian (including builds of Enterprise and Live CD versions).
  • New class of modules – “software detects” are introduced. These modules detect and record versions and build options of software used for future reference.
  • Lots of new tests: array-configurator, bonnie++ version 0.2, boot_from_image, db_comparison_fast, dd, hdd-passthrough version 0.3, iozone, mencoder_hdd, mencoder_memory, partimage, stress-compress, torrent-upload.
  • New hardware detects: Infiniband, BBU.
  • New monitorings: loadavg.

Lots of stability fixes and bug fixes were applied:

  • This release uses new version of Einarc (one-that-would-be-1.4) to manage hardware and software RAIDs on storage devices.
  • Heavily improved new hdd-badblocks utility.
  • Fixed many issues with XML indentation and compliance on client and server sides.
  • Many user interface and general outlook improvements.

API extensions:

  • A hook that allows unconditional execution of code after test competion (like “finally”).
  • Enhanced helper API for tests and detects in client’s API.
  • Firmware test heavily uses hardware detects.
  • Benchmarks can publish measurement units.
  • Ability to change default filesystem used in many tests.

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Einarc v1.3 released

Einarc, a subproject of Inquisitor that provides unified interface to all proprietary RAID (storage) controllers, gets a long-awaited facelift.

  • Support for 3ware / AMCC controllers by Andras Horvath.
  • Full read/write support of Linux software RAIDs.
  • Updated all proprietary utilities URLs, pumped up version numbers, fixed wrapper regular expressions to support new versions of CLIs.
  • Added new calculated fields in adapter_info: PCI product/subproduct and vendor/subvendor IDs. These allow precise identification of PCI devices related to adapters shown by Einarc.
  • Fuller BBU support for Adaptec adapters.
  • Multiple stability and build fixes (Makefile now supports parallel execution with “make -j”).

Download now!


Inquisitor v3.0 release

Inquisitor team is pleased to announce Inquisitor v3.0 – a first major open-source version of the platform. After initial announcement of Inquisitor branch 3.x in August 2007, it’s a fruit of almost a year of labor.

Inquisitor version 3 is a major redesign of older 1.x and 2.x systems. New features:

  • Modularity: it consists of dozens of interconnected and interchangeable modules with well-defined API; one can easily add new modules to add new tests, detections, production steps, etc.
  • Three varieties: standalone (runs on top of already installed OS), live CD (can be used to analyse/test just one home computer), enterprise (server-controller network boot).
  • Flexibility: every test parameter can be adjusted, all system can be customized.
  • Server-controlled testing: server-based version includes a database that stores all the data on all computers that were tested by Inquisitor. If only some parts of hardware will change, clever scheduler won’t redo all the long testing, but only tests relevant to hardware changes.
  • Distributed workload: due to modular architecture, Inquisitor can be easily distributed across a cluster to distribute load or make a geographically distributed system.

For those who would like to try Inquisitor, the easiest way is to download a 130MB ISO, available for both x86 and x86_64 from http://www.inquisitor.ru/.

Comments and especially bug reports are welcome.

Download now!


Inquisitor v3.0-rc2 Live CD torrents

Yet another release candidate of Inquisitor is available to download using BitTorrent network.

Download now!


Inquisitor v3.0-rc2 release

Today we’re proud to announce the release of Inquisitor v3.0-rc2. This would be last release candidate until the 3.0-final, which is scheduled to go gold on 2008-07-20.

New features


  • Einarc v1.2 inside: more supported controllers, better detects, adapter flashing support.
  • Firmware flashing support: a unified facility to make sure that every support device would have a latest firmware – complete with UI.
  • New monitorings: odd-read, cpu-temp-ipmi, cpu-temp-sensors, cpu-vcore-ipmi, cpu-vcore-sensors.
  • Enhanced curses UI for Live CD.
  • Improved Live CD build process: added gfxboot, added memtest, switched to initramfs.
  • New test: hdd-smart.


  • New server UI features: Java SSH client tab, advanced graph plotting tab. Multiple server interface facelifts and usability fixes (Ajax updates, realtimeness, etc).
  • “Attention” status: used in interactive tests to pause timecount and grab the attention of user to make him do something.
  • Authentication on server: makes it possible to implement role-based privilege separation system, complete with user/permissions editor and “My settings” page that allows per-user setup of certain configuration things.
  • Wiki-like comments for stages: now every authenticated user can edit comments for every stage and see it’s history of edits.


  • Multiple general performance and stability fixes: detects, scheduler, tests, web UI.
  • Web UI is now compatible with Konqueror, Opera and MSIE.
  • Build system: increased fool-proofness.


  • Lots of refactoring and API stabilization. API improvements: advanced searching using hal (hal-searcher), monitoring_submit_multiple(), show_components().
  • Almost all server pages were tested live under heavy stress and improved to withstand it.
  • Further modularization: various enterprise-specific things, such as MyKit and label printing were separated from base platform.
  • Added lots of embedded documentation and metainformation extraction facility: extract various metainformation from source files and publishes them as documentation, uses them for scheduling purposes, in UI, etc.

ChangeLog | Download now!


Einarc v1.2 released

After a half of year development cycle, new version of Einarc gets released today.

Einarc is a subproject of Inquisitor that provides unified interface to all proprietary RAID (storage) controllers.

What’s new

  • Support for new RAID devices: newer Adaptec adapters using arcconf.
  • New objects “bbu” and “firmware” are introduced: now it’s possible to get information about BBU and read/write firmware to supported adapters.
  • More strict “adapter info” report: it outputs serial number and tries to pinpoint a particular adapter using PCI IDs, if possible.
  • Updates for existing devices:
    • aaccli: now it downloads and uses later, more acceptable version, not linked against arts library. Note, however, that Adaptec_Storage_Manager-Linux_v2.10.00 is a huge ~36M download.
    • areca: update to v1.80A_71012.
    • megacli: updated to v1.01.27.
  • Multiple stability, metadata and rare occurance fixes for all modules.
  • Improved build system.
  • “raid-wizard-passthrough” can be used to handle smaller groups of HDDs (not all available devices).

Download now!


Inquisitor v3.0-rc Live CD torrents

Yet again, new release of Inquisitor (v3.0-rc) is available to download using BitTorrents.

Download now!


Inquisitor v3.0-rc release

Inquisitor team is proud to release v3.0-rc today, both in source and LiveCD builds.

New features

  • Added new flavour: “standalone”. Inquisitor Standalone is packaged in normal rpm/dpkg to be installed and ran in normal running system. It is limited in functionality, but can be used to demonstrate Inquisitor principles well.
  • Added monitorings API, server-side support and graphing support and one sample client-side monitoring: hdd-smart.
  • New detects: BMCs, tape drives.
  • New tests: hardware audit step for manual comparison of order with computers (“what was required by documents” vs “what hardware is really there”), “offline” firmware flashing.
  • New server-side features: current order and search views, new sticker print system with XML sticker profiles, intellectual computer creation, simple profile editor, general navigation on all pages, shell IPs showing, new version of stages progress bars (with icons, packed information and comment/overdue markings), added “checking” computer_stage and logic for it, computers’ log viewing using iframe, special tftp version for loading one-shot firmware disk images.


  • Detect fixes: quad-core / multi-core processors, Mitsumi OSDs, memory without DMI, multiple HDDs, Hitach HDDs, new IPMI FRU memory detect method, SPD vs DMI memory detects (broken i2c bus quantity), USB FDD/ODD.
  • Test fixes: large rewrites in stress HDD and memory tests: greater testing stability and predictable results, stability (and longer flash disk life) fixes in usb-flash-drive, skip virtual drives in HDD tests.
  • Multiple server-side fixes: proper device detection while publishing self IP, datetime comparison in server watchdog daemon, showing current computers under test, starting a new testing always sets a profile for testing, improved planner, general usability and design fixes.


  • General cleanup (removed obsolete functions, server methods, templates, refactoring, etc), compatibility with earlier versions of Ruby and REXML, BSD terminals, ascetic shells.
  • General fixes: visual improvements, database indexing improvements, proper Debian architecture names, CSS fixes, move to Rails 2.0.2, lots of AJAX magic, added client hard reboot/poweroff method, added working test units.

ChangeLog | Download now!


Inquisitor v3.0-beta Live CD torrents

We are ready to announce that Inquisitor 3.0-beta Live CD is available for downloading via BitTorrent network now, using LinuxTracker and ThePirateBay trackers.

Download now!


Inquisitor v3.0-beta Live CD released

The first public release of beta version of Live CD for Inquisitor v3.0.

WARNING! This is a beta quality software! Don’t use it in production systems and in systems where you have any valuable data. It can destroy both your data on hard drives and serious stress it places on hardware can destroy your hardware!

Download now!


Einarc v1.1 released

Einarc is a subproject of Inquisitor that provides unified interface to all proprietary RAID (storage) controllers.

Version 1.1 has following changes:

  • Added documentation in the package
  • Brand-new configure: now everything can be controlled from command-line parameters, individual modules can be enabled/disabled at compile time.
  • Updated download/build mechanism: it asks for license agreement interactively. For non-interactive builds, just touch proprietary/agreed file.
  • Bugfixes in lsi_megarc, adaptec_aaccli modules
  • Compatibility with older Ruby (<1.8.6)

Download now!


Einarc v1.0 released

Full-fledged Inquisitor is still not quite ready, but we’d like to release parts of it that could already prove themselves useful. Today’s release is Einarc. Einarc is a subproject of Inquisitor that provides unified interface to all proprietary RAID (storage) controllers.

Download now!


Inquisitor web site opened

Welcome to the new web site of Inquisitor!