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Stress compression (stress-compress)

Test destroys contents of HDD

This test runs many jobs on a hard drive simultaneously with background syncer. Each jobs performs compression/decompression together with taring/untaring of a big archive (Linux source code for example) in infinite loop. Syncer simply makes sync call each specified number of seconds. After specified time amount passed all jobs will be killed with syncer. Test will post benchmark results and successfully finish.

  • Components tested: CPU, HDD, Memory, Mainboard, Disk Controller
  • Variables:
    • JOBS (int, default: 16) — Number of parallely running jobs during stress test compression/decompression
    • STRESS_TREE (string, default: linux- — Gzipped tarball file containing stress test tree
    • SYNCTIME (int, default: 2) — Sync time period, sec
    • TESTTIME (int, default: 600) — Total time of stress testing, sec