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ODD write (odd_write)

This test is needed to record discs and at the same time to check corectness of this operation. It can detect if rewritable/recordable media is already inserted and tries to continue non-interactively. After detecting maximal writing speed (it can be forced by an option), blanking if it is rewritable non-blank media, it records specified ISO image. Then, it reads it to compare it’s checksum with original one. After all of this we can make a conclusion about drives quality.

  • Components tested: ODD
  • Variables:
    • FORCE_NON_INTERACTIVE (boolean, default: false) — Force non-interactive mode for already prepared system
    • TEST_IMAGE (string, default: iso/testimage.iso) — ISO image path (absolute or relative)
    • TEST_IMAGE_BLOCKS (int, default: 332800) — This images size in blocks (2048 bytes each)
    • TEST_IMAGE_MD5 (string, default: ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff) — Test image MD5 hash
    • WRITE_MESSAGE (string, default: Writing test disc) — Message to print when test will start
    • WRITE_SPEED (int, default: 10) — Default write speed if it won’t detect
    • WRITE_SPEED_FORCE (boolean, default: true) — Force write speed using