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Mencoder in memory (mencoder_memory)

This benchmark will transcode specified input file to H.264 video, copying without modification audio in (by default) AVI container. You can specify also preset (taken from MPlayerHQ’s documentation examples for x264), scaling and bitrate. Two-pass encoding option is available too. This benchmark will use x264’s multithreading capabilities to load all CPUs or can run using specified number of threads.

  • Components tested: CPU, Memory, Mainboard, Disk Controller, HDD
  • Variables:
    • BITRATE (int, default: 1000) — Bitrate of resulting video, KB/sec
    • PRESET (string, default: hq) — Encoding preset. “lq” (low quality), “hq” (high quality) and “vhq” (very high quality) are availabe
    • SCALE (string, default: 720x480) — Width and height for rescaling resulting image
    • SOURCE (string, default: movie.mpeg2) — Source transcoding file
    • THREADS (int, default: 0) — Force using specified number of threads. If equal to zero, then load all available CPUs
    • TWOPASS (boolean, default: false) — Enable two-pass encoding of not