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DD (dd)

Test destroys contents of HDD

Actually this is not a real test. It can be used to write prepared raw disk image using DD utility.

  • Components tested: HDD, Disk Controller
  • Variables:
    • BLOCKSIZE (int, default: 1024) — Blocksize, KiB
    • COMPRESSION (string, default: none) — What compression is used. gzip, bzip2 or lzma can be chosen
    • COUNT (int, default: 1024) — Number of blocks to be written. If zero is specified then this parameter won’t be used
    • IF (string, default: raw_disk_image) — Either absolute or relative path to source raw disk image to be written, or URL to download
    • OF (string, default: sda) — Target device name that will be overwritten
    • SKIP (int, default: 0) — Number of blocks to skip