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HDD benchmark: Bonnie (bonnie)

Test destroys contents of HDD

This test uses bonnie++ benchmark to test hard drives performance on different filesystems. For every hard drive in a system, test sequently creates specified filesystems on it and then runs bonnie++ benchmark itself. There are two sections to the program’s operations. The first is to test the IO throughput in a fashion that is designed to simulate some types of database applications. The second is to test creation, reading, and deleting many small files in a fashion similar to the usage patterns of programs such as Squid or INN. Bonnie++ tests some of them and for each test gives a result of the amount of work done per second and the percentage of CPU time this took.

  • Components tested: HDD
  • Variables:
    • DIRECTORIES_NUMBER (int, default: 256) — Number of directories to randomly distribute test files among them
    • FILESYSTEMS (string, default: ext2 ext3 vfat reiserfs xfs) — Space-separated list of filesystems to be benchmarked
    • MAXIMAL_FILE_SIZE (int, default: 1024) — Maximal files size, KiB
    • MINIMAL_FILE_SIZE (int, default: 10) — Minimal files size, KiB
    • NUMBER_OF_FILES (int, default: 2) — The number of files for the file creation test. This is measured in multiples of 1024 files