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Scheduler in Inquisitor is a program that concludes the decisions on what tests to do, in what sequence, what parameters should be used for each one, thus controlling the overall testing flow.

Scheduler invokes a complex algorithm and should be tested throughly and changed with care.

Constant data:

  • Test shootout tables (depending on hardware delta).
  • Metadata on all tests included in current chroot.

It operates using following input:

  • Computer ID;
  • How many tests to generate (one or many);

While preparing for schedule calculation, it obtains following data:

  • A list of detected components for the last testing and pre-last testing, if it exists.
  • Testing profile data (which it can get by profile ID, which, in turn, can be determined from computer).

It generates following output:

  • Shall we start a new testing or not;
  • One or multiple tests that should be run next, supplied with: * ID of testing stage, * Name of script to call, * Parameters to pass to script.

Output can be formatted in various manners:

  • As a script to execute on client system under test,
  • As a viewable list of further tests that will show up on computer-related pages of web-site.
  • As a throughly explained list of decisions that the scheduler had made, for debugging.