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Monitorings are modules of Inquisitor that are intended to run in background full time when computer is under testing. They act like daemons that from time to time get neecessary measurements and save them. The main measurement is temperature of most components. We can start CPU intensive using test and watch how processor’s temperature will greatly increase. After that we can make decisions about component’s appropriateness for using.

Current version of Inquisitor includes the following monitorings:

1 cpu-temp-ipmi CPU temperature (ipmi) temperature
2 cpu-temp-sensors CPU temperature (sensors) temperature
3 cpu-vcore-ipmi CPU core voltage (ipmi) voltage
4 cpu-vcore-sensors CPU core voltage (sensors) voltage
5 hdd-smart HDD temperature temperature
6 loadavg OS load average load
7 odd-read ODD read speed speed
8 thermo FTDI thermometer temperature