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Quick-start installation

This section gives quick hints to those who wants to build Inquisitor from source. Note that you don’t have to do it: you can download and run a pre-built Live CD.

For complete build system documentation, see build system.


  • A Linux system; the following software is required for a succesful build:
    • GNU make
    • gcc v4 or later
    • ruby v1.8.6 or later
    • wget
    • rpm or deb development set
  • For Live and Enterprise – a properly configured access to repositories that you want to build your distribution from; a local mirror copy is preferred, as it would be much faster to install from.
  • A system to test (it can be the same system).


Untar Inquisitor source code. Edit Makefile.config to choose:

  • FLAVOUR – one of three flavours.
  • TARGET – set your target architecture to build a client for (i586, x86_64).
  • CLIENT_BASE – which distribution would should we build client for (if you’re going to do a Live or Enterprise build, you’d need properly configured access to repositories of this distribution, otherwise, it just affects what you’ll get as a resulting package).


Just run
make all

Note that if your build will require confirmation of proprietary licenses (for hardware RAID controllers handling), you’ll be asked to enter your confirmation interactively.


  • Standalone – you’ll get an *.rpm or *.deb in Inquisitor directory.
  • Livework/livecd.iso.
  • Enterprise – client root image in work/chroot directory, ready to be served from NFS server.


  • Standalone – run /usr/bin/inq-live for a nice text UI or invoke individual tests manually.
  • Live – burn a resulting ISO on a CD and boot from it.
  • Enterprise – running an enterprise version is more complex than other flavours; please refer to server deployment guide for more information.