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Detects are modules of Inquisitor that scan hardware of computer under test and try to identify each hardware vendor name, model name and serial number. Maybe it is less useful on LiveCD and standalone version of Inquisitor, but it critical for enterprise version.

Current version of Inquisitor includes the following detects:

#ScriptTitleComponents detected
1 00lshw-to-xml lshw to xml converter Video, NIC, Fire Wire
2 bmc BMC detect BMC
3 controller Disk controller detect Disk Controller
4 cpu CPU detect CPU
5 floppy Floppy detect Floppy
6 hdd HDD detect HDD
7 ipmi IPMI parser Chassis, Mainboard, Platform, Power Supply, SCSI Backplane
8 memory Memory detect Memory
9 osd OSD detect OSD
10 tape Tape detect Tape drive
11 usb USB devices detect USB