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Build system

Inquisitor is supported with flexible build system that allows both straightforward quick start and long-term development comfort.

For a quick start instructions, see installation.

Basic build structure

Inquisitor’s build system is based on simple system of directories and Makefiles and should be portable to most build hosts.

Everything starts with a /Makefile in root Inquisitor directory. This Makefile contains most common build targets and defines general build interface. It provides the most important target: make all. Ideally, it’s the only thing end-user would need.

However, most of the times, end-user would like to tweak some configuration values. This can be done by editing /Makefile.config, a coarse configuration file with a few settings.

Most important of them are:

  • FLAVOUR – flavour of Inquisitor to build. Changing this setting dramatically changes the whole build process and the product you’ll get in the end. Currently, two flavours are supported:
    • live – builds an ISO of Live CD/DVD system,
    • enterprise – builds a full client/server system.
  • TARGET – target architecture to build a client for (i586, x86_64).
  • CLIENT_BASE – system to base a client image on.
  • DEPLOY_HOST – server host to deploy client image to.
  • DEPLOY_PATH – path on DEPLOY_HOST to client image that will be exported using NFS.

Summary of build targets

End-user build targets

  • make all – do everything, according to set configuration. In fact, it executes step-by-step build targets in a right sequence.

Step-by-step manual build targets

  • make build-package – builds a package (rpm, dpkg or possibly something else) with client from client/ and configurations. Resulting package usually goes to local repository (repo/) then, to be used in further client root build process.
  • make build-root – builds a client root image, based on a given configuration.
  • make build-boot – prepares infrastructure needed to boot, based on a given flavour.
  • make build-live – packages everything into an live CD/DVD ISO image.

Developer build targets

  • make update-package – replaces pre-built client package in a pre-built client root image.
  • make update-package-remote – replaces pre-built client package in a pre-built client root image, deployed remotely on DEPLOY_HOST server.

Client structure

All code that would be executed on a client resides in client/ directory. Client build subsystem mostly consists of simple recursive Makefiles. There are 3 main targets, available in every directory:

  • make all (default) – build everything;
  • make install – install everything;
  • make clean – clean up everything built.

Issuing a make && sudo make install in client/ would build and install the client right into build host.