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How it can help you if you are a…?

... advanced end-user

It can analyse and test your home or office computer and help diagnosing hardware problems, if any occur. Despite being industrial-strength hardware testing system, Inquisitor also includes mild, non-destructive tests that are just as well effective, but take special care to not destroy the precious data on your hard disc(s).

... system administrator

System administrators can use Inquisitor to test computers just as end-users. More than that, Inquisitor can be used to track all computers in organization and their hardware properties and problems.

... computer equipment manufacturing enterprise

Inquisitor team would be glad to integrate Inquisitor in your production process. There are multiple successful Inquisitor installations worldwide, where we are involved with planning, building, installation, personnel training and support. Careful design of whole production process is a key to the success.

... computer equipment design enterprise

Creation of new computer equipment includes a vital step: assuring that new product passes multiple certifying test cases without any stability problems. Certified equipment is ready for mass production and is guaranteed to have no flaws. Inquisitor is a system that can be used to do such certifications easy on daily basis.

... developer

Inquisitor is an open-source system that anyone can contribute to. Thanks to modular architecture, Inquisitor platform can be used as a base for multiple similar projects that involve hardware detection, testing and monitoring.

Even if you don’t need to test / detect hardware directly, Inquisitor itself includes lots of reusable components that can be used in other projects.

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